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16 October 2011
We visited Sorrento in October. The plan was that we would go to Naples from Sorrento so I could see Torrecuso, north of Naples. My paternal grandparents were born and raised in Torrecuso but came to America as a young couple with a new baby. We were so fortunate to find Americo because he not only drove us to Naples but picked us up the following morning for our jaunt to Torrecuso. He was very prompt and acted as an interpreter once we got to Torrecuso. I remember such lovely conversations with Americo while riding with him. Once in Torrecuso he went out of his way to speak with the townspeople and explain why I was there. Americo was instrumental in having us meet an elderly gentle man who promised to take my information (town hall was closed that day). Americo was so very cordial and helpful.When we left Torrecuso Americo drove us back to Naples and dropped us off at a restaurant that was outstanding. After our meal he drove us back to our hotel. Americo is so respectful and engaging that I found myself wishing for a son like him. Ann Yannell (my name in Torrecuso is Iannella).